“The Luckiest Guerrilla: A True Tale of Love, War and the Army”

I just returned from three days in Sacramento, where I’d been invited to speak at the annual BACEPOW (Bay Area Civilian Ex-Prisoners of War) annual reunion about my soon-to-be-published book, “The Luckiest Guerrilla: A True Tale of Love, War and the Army.” I had a great time with these wonderful people—some of whom were interned as children with their parents at Camp Holmes, Santo Tomas, Bilibid or Los Baños; a few who were actually born in the camps; and, finally, direct descendants and other relatives of internees now passed on who are interested in preserving this family legacy. Each had fascinating personal stories to tell about their ordeal. Because a number of the internees had had some involvement with the North Luzon guerrillas, they expressed interest in learning more about the activities of USAFIP-NL (United States Armed Forces in the Philippines, North Luzon). I hope the details contained in “The Luckiest Guerrilla” will provide answers to their questions.

Pictured above are both sides of the postcard I handed out at the reunion, providing information on signing up with First Steps Publishing to receive additional pre-publication announcements and limited-time special discounts off the cover price at the time of publication in September. The book will be available in paperback and e-book format and will, of course, also be available through Amazon.com.

Patricia Murphy Minch


Author: Patricia Minch, Writer, etc.

Growing up an “Army Brat,” by age eighteen I had lived in nineteen different homes in half a dozen states, Europe, and the Far East, and had traveled extensively beyond those. A National Merit Scholarship finalist in 1958, I attended the University of Texas, El Paso, and the University of California, Berkeley. Years later, I took additional courses at Cabrillo College in Aptos, California, and then spent thirteen years as a self-employed editor for court reporters. An avid writer, genealogist, gardener, landscape designer, amateur architect, woodworker, and antiques collector/dealer, I am also wife, mother, and grandmother. I’ve written feature articles for local newspapers and recently completed my first book, a narrative non-fiction account of my father's experiences as a guerrilla in North Luzon (Philippines) during WWII. I currently live with my husband, a retired college instructor and Air Force veteran, in Northern California.

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